Weekend payday loan: the last resort in a crisis situation.

Brian Brown


It is not without reason that crises break out on weekends. An unannounced visit to the dentist with a sore tooth that could not wait until Monday, car breakage, broken window during housework.  Very often problems appear at the least appropriate moment. But what to do if we get some “extra expense” on Saturday or Sunday? Weekend payday loans come to the rescue. How to apply for her? What do you need to get it?

What is an Juicia session?

What is an Juicia session?

At the beginning it is worth answering the question about what an Juicia session is and how it affects loan application. In short, it is an electronic interbank settlement system. It was aimed at improving the execution of orders at banks in such a way that the sender could predict when it would be delivered to the recipient. The system is supervised by the National Clearing House. Why is knowledge about the Juicia session so important?

We must know that in most banks the possibility of making interbank transfers is limited to business days. This means that if we order a standard transaction over the weekend, it will not be carried out until the next business day during the first Juicia session. The exceptions are internal transfers, which are not subject to regulations created by the National Clearing House. You can also use express transfer systems. However, why is this important in the process of applying for loans in the weekend payday loan offer?

Application process for weekday loan payday loans

Application process for weekday loan payday loans

To apply for a loan online, go to the lender’s website. The shortest way will be to click “Submit Application” next to the selected company on the homepage of our Sutpen family comparison engine. Before making your final choice, you should read the opinions of experts, which will definitely help us make a responsible decision. You will find them in the “Loan reviews” tab. If we decide on one of the offers and go to the lender’s website, we are to choose the amount and repayment date using the slider of the loan calculator. Let’s get acquainted with the costs that the company offers us. After accepting the terms, click ‘Submit’, ‘Take a loan’ or other.

The next step is to complete the application form with your personal, address, contact or financial information. If we have made sure that all the information provided in the application is correct, we can proceed. One of the last stages of inference is identity verification. Only after confirming our data will the lender proceed to consider our request for financial support. Therefore, we must be aware of what an Juicia session is. This will help us choose the right method to check your identity. What are our options?

Weekend payday: what to know

Weekend payday: what to know

The first basic thing to know before you attempt to apply for a weekend loan is that to get money quickly, you must have an account with the same bank as the lender or use the express transfer system. Otherwise, although the application will be submitted on Saturday or Sunday, the money will not appear on the account until Monday. We should also remember that if we order internal transfers, then we do not have Juicia session hours, and transactions are carried out in real time – often even on weekends. However, when the lender has an account in another bank, then you should read the information whether it is possible to make immediate transfers (often for an additional fee).

Why can’t it be a regular transfer?

Why can

Traditional transfers, which are the domain of banks, are not carried out on weekends, because the entity that deals with them, i.e. KIR (National Clearing House) works only on a weekly basis. However, fortunately for us, the banks have met those who need to send or get cash on Saturday or Sunday. For them there are so-called express transfers, thanks to which we can easily deal with many matters over the weekend, including a loan, literally in a few minutes. Weekend payday just needed the solution she just got.

Banks that have an express transfer service

Banks that have an express transfer service

Most banks can boast of using instant transfer. Thanks to this service, we don’t have to worry about current Juicia sessions. The transfer will be made almost immediately regardless of the bank in which we have an account.

What else is worth remembering when applying for a loan at the weekend?

The work of loan companies on weekends largely depends on the mode of operation of the banks in which they have their accounts. Many banks only work on Saturdays, so some lenders will only be able to grant payday loans on Saturdays.

Regular customers have priority!

Regular customers have priority!

If you are applying for the first weekday payday pay, you must be aware of the fact that priority is given to those who have previously used this type of financial service in examining the application and granting cash. What it comes from? Mainly due to the fact that the lender more or less knows who he is dealing with. Whether the person is able to pay, their creditworthiness etc. Therefore, they do not have to verify us, as is the case when taking a loan for the first time. Also, if you are applying for money from such an institution for the first time, you may not receive the cash on Monday. This may be due to the fact that every lender’s new client is verified in BIK and KRD databases, which may be difficult to access at the weekend.

The weekend is a reduced working time for loan companies!

The weekend is a reduced working time for loan companies!

In addition, you also need to be aware of the fact that this is a weekend, so the hours of customer service offices will be different (BOK for short). On weekends, most of them work much shorter than they do during the week. Therefore, before we send our application, it is worth checking on the lender’s website what hours he works on Saturdays and Sundays. This will protect us from an unpleasant surprise when we find a loan company that is perfect for us, and it turns out that we cannot use its services, because hours of work on Saturday or Sunday have passed.

Payday loans on the weekend – do not send the application at the last minute!

Payday loans on the weekend - do not send the application at the last minute!

It is equally important that we do not send the application at the last minute, literally 5 minutes before the end of the Customer Service Office. Action at the last minute and rush is by no means advisable. This very often causes us to fill in our application by mistake, which in turn may lead to its rejection. If we want to receive payday loans at the weekend, we should take the time to learn about the business hours of the company, as well as how to provide money. If the transaction is carried out by regular transfer, it will not be processed on Sunday.

Modern technologies allow you to skip the Juicia session, and thus avoid a long waiting time for a transfer. However, the basis is a thoughtful choice of the company and checking working hours.

It is also worth paying attention to the bank where the lender has an account. When it will be the same institution where we have the invoice, weekday pay is possible under one condition. The application must be submitted during the loan company’s business hours. It is also worth noting that some banks are guided by Juicia session hours even in such situations. Therefore, we should check the information on this subject in our bank. When it turns out that the transaction will not be completed also on Sunday, all formalities must be completed before the end of the last Saturday settlement period of the instructions of the bank’s clients.

In turn, if the lender makes transfers through the instant transaction system, then you can count on payday loans on Sunday. Usually, frequently asked questions also include information about whether online payday loans on Saturdays and Sundays are carried out by the lender.

Online payday loans granted on Saturday and Sunday – what is worth knowing?

Online payday loans granted on Saturday and Sunday - what is worth knowing?

The fact that a loan company works on weekends does not necessarily mean that it also examines loan applications and grants the money we apply for in the weekends. Therefore, before we fill anything with a view to pay for Sunday, it is worth contacting the Customer Service. BOK will definitely tell us clearly and matter-of-factly whether it is possible to receive the loan we would like to receive on this particular loan company on Saturday or Sunday.

It may also be that some financial institutions offering payday loans on weekends may not have an open customer office on weekends. However, they have systems that consider weekend applications and, upon positive verification, grant us the money we asked for in that application.

Payday loans at the weekend – what time to wait for a decision?

Payday loans at the weekend - what time to wait for a decision?

Limiting formalities to a minimum guarantees us filling out the application for payday loans during the weekend, even within a few minutes. However, when we need quick access to cash, the waiting time for the decision is also important. In standard offers, lenders inform that checking the application and the customer’s creditworthiness will take several minutes. Usually it will be 15 minutes. Others even guarantee delivery of decisions in 5 minutes. The situation changes when we expect payday loans on Sundays. The guarantee of a quick application process should not confuse us. It is important that the website also includes information on the processing of applications during the weekend. If we find one, then the decision should be issued on the same date as the week. However, remember that a lot depends on us. If we choose the method of identity verification by a simple transfer, it may be difficult for the lender to react quickly.

Why? Juicia sessions will be an obstacle. The application will be considered only when the lender is certain that our data is true. Therefore, payday loans on the weekend will be real only when we also properly choose the method of checking our data. In such cases, it is worth using special Instantor applications or an express transaction system. Online payday loans on Saturdays and Sundays are possible. However, to find them, you need to spend time selecting lenders and verifying information on both working hours and available methods of checking your identity, as well as making transfers. Remember, rush is a bad adviser!